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Hi, my name is Ann Lund, and 15 years ago I left a career in nursing and set sail on a journey to find incredible kitchen gadgets and to inspire and “nudge” people, young and not so young, back to the kitchen. It has been a wonderful trip filled with success and new friends. Over those years, I’ve also written four cookbooks (very user friendly) and spent countless hours testing, discarding, and researching kitchen “gadgets.” I can tell you with a great deal of authority that I choose very carefully the gadgets I use myself, gadgets that every time you use them they will do exactly what you want, and I can promise that the products I offer at Mommy Shop will find a special use and place in your kitchen.



Lala Creates

"Lala Creates" was created by Sarah LaBarge, a former 5th grade teacher, now stay-at-home Mom, looking to channel her creativity juices in a new way. Lala Creates' products focus on honoring the family in all things, whether it be Birth Announcement Prints for a new baby's nursery, Legacy Prints to gift to Grandparents to honor their beautiful families, Couple's Prints, to highlight special memories unique to each family, or general home decor prints, often personalized, to create a unique, beautiful home environment. Additional products include Sacrament and Remembrance Boxes and Photo Cubes.

Lala Creates is constantly creating new products and loves to complete custom orders such as birthday invitations, personalized notecards, and custom wall hangings featuring favorite text/poetry. If you have an idea for some unique, personalized home decor, contact "Lala" to see how she can help make your idea turn into reality!

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