Oh The Places You'll Go...Great Tradition


My favorite books since I was a kid, were anything Dr. Suess.  Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Mr. Brown Can Moo,  Hop On Pop, and more.  But, one of my favorite books is Oh, The Places You'll Go

I loved it so much I used to read it to my adult leadership class.  But one of the best things I started for my kids was having their teacher sign this book every year. They can write anywhere in the book.  There are lots of things in this book that can pertain to your children.  
  This is the perfect time to start this tradition.  I always give the book to their teacher right after Spring Break.  This gives them time before the end of the year to write something to my kids.  I've been doing this since pre-school, and my son is in 7th grade this year.  It has been fun going back and looking at what his teachers have written about him. 
Now, my kids don't know about this project, yet.  I'd like to keep it that way.  My goal is that each year I will have a teacher who has made a significant impact on my child, write something.  I hope to pull the book out at graduation from High School and present it to my kids.  What a fun yearbook in itself. 
So, if you have a kindergartener, pre-schooler, or a child of any age, it is not too late to start this fun tradition that is sure to be cherished.  You can pick this book up here at mommyshop from Kidz Tales.....Stop by and grab your's today.

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